For 20 years I have worked in health care practicing physical therapy in many San Francisco and Bay Area hospitals as well as outpatient clinics. I have had the pleasure of working with a huge and diverse population of human beings who have unfortunately suffered debilitating strokes, brain and spinal cord injuries, amputations and many other distressing orthopedic impairments.  As my career evolved I felt a calling to change my perspective of therapy and healing from a singular process to a holistic and systemic view. I think it's important to look at how a person walks through life with their mind, body and spirit or soul, their environment and childhood. They all play important roles in the way a person develops in life.  I often saw people from one view, the hospital and tried to help them with out understanding that they had a home, a family or no home and no family to go to. Helping them walk again was one thing, helping them walk to something was another.  



As a native of San Francisco I consider myself to be a bit of a unicorn. I love my city. Growing  up here has left me with many memories in my heart of the beauty that makes SF so amazing. Our history of celebrating so many diverse cultures, art, music and food gave me an appreciation for all the people that make our city so special. The social justice history we have here in SF helped me to stay open and accepting of all individuals from whatever walk of life they came from. The love and nostalgia people have for this city makes me proud to be born and raised here. My many memories include Santana playing at Dolores Park, the Italian festival in North Beach, sunsets out at the Cliff House and most important was eating Mitchell's ice cream on hot summer nights.

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