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Somatic psychotherapy is a way to integrate the mind-body connection and see it as one entity. The history of somatic therapy begins with Australian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, Pierre Janet and Sigmund Freud all of whom had a hand in shaping somatic psychotherapy. Several women have also contributed to somatics: Pat Ogden, Susan Aposhyan and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. "Soma" is Greek for "living body" and somatic psychotherapy is a blend of physiology, neuroscience and psychology. It can be a way to learn about ourselves and help us understand how we as humans navigate the world as a whole organism, mind body and spirit.  Somatic therapy is a way of thinking that holds your individual bodily experience in mind. This idea of somatic psychotherapy is one of many beautiful interpretations of it today. 

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Breath & Body   Exploration

Breathing Exercises ~ 
During one of our sessions we may find it helpful to explore your breath. Where is it?, What is it doing?, How is it supporting you? You can learn to become aware of what a shallow or choppy breath feels like and how you can increase its capacity?  Breathing can help you to manage and regulate your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and understand their connection to the flight, fight  or freeze response. We can also explore how breath mitigates to anxiety and depression and heals trauma. 


Body Language

In addition to exploring feelings, thoughts and breath work our sessions may lead us down a path to learning about unconscious gestures that our bodies make or bodily tension that you hold and what it could mean for you. With mindful
awareness, movement or touch we can learn about that meaning. Human communication is 20% verbal and 80% nonverbal: We are often sending messages that we are unaware of. It is through these discoveries that we can learn new ways of listening to our body-minds and what they are trying to tell us in times of stress, vulnerability and relationships. There is a reason why we say "trust your gut"

Client Focus 



I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families who are looking for help with communicating their truth to others and themselves. Maybe you want to develop a better sense of self awareness of what your needs and wants are.  Or perhaps you want to learn a new way of managing your stress. Somatic psychotherapy can help.
 I have a sex positive vibe when discussing sex and sexuality in therapy. Many of us came into this world through the act of sex and are born into a sex that may or may not fit who they feel they are at their core. Others may have experienced  sexual trauma or sexual assaults, rape, incest and want to heal. Many people have deep shame about their experiences and struggle in life finding a healthy balance in their sex life. 
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